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I got my husband to make a Barre video with me for Valentines Day (and it's on Youtube!)

published4 months ago
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We can't always get our wish today, but I got mine!

I've only been asking him for years and since he's full time on the BTRIBALFIT team now, I told him he couldn't put it off anymore. So we filmed a couples barre video together and I'm sharing it with you to use on Youtube anytime!

Barre workouts are so great for toning, but also sweating! The small movements add such a great burn and work all our small places.

If you are looking for that special time together with your man, ask him to push play on this video today (or later this week!)

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But wait, there's more love 💕 headed your way!

A while back, Finley and I sat down together to share our story of how we met, starting dating and eventually got married. I've always loved our story because it was so unexpected and we actually overcame a lot to make it to that point (I was 24 and he was 21 when we got married!)

I know you'll find our story entertaining and it will bring a lot of clarity as to what the Robinsons are all about. If you've ever wanted to know more about this Husband & Wife team, then check us out!

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Hope you have a wonderful and healthy week! See you on Youtube 🤩

- Brooke