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published4 months ago
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I remember it hitting me at twenty-five that there was seriously no stopping time! Well, 2 decades later, it's here again so I have a present for YOU! That's right, you can use the code BIRTHDAY22 and you will get 50% off your first month for new or returning subscribers today through Wednesday at midnight. 👏

Usually, my birthday brings a sense of sadness, but not this time! I'm feeling good at 45 and so DANG happy to be living this life with YOU❤️. I filmed an 80s themed barre video yesterday and it got me so excited!! My birthday isn't here quite yet, so I'll hold on for one more day😉🎶👩‍🎤.

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Can I ask for one present from you though?

Because this email is jam packed with three B•TRIBAL•FIT updates, will you pls forward it on to at least 1 person who needs an easier way to eat and exercise? Or maybe you just want them to be encouraged and have some hope for a healthier lifestyle. You're a good friend, thank you! 💖

Pass along the birthday code and CHECK THIS OUT ⬇️

I'm reading a new book called Show Your Work

I love this image and what it speaks to me as a woman. It reminds me of a couple of things. First, that if you asked 5 kids to brainstorm the triangle, you might get 25 different outcomes. Why don't our adult brains work like our kid brains used to, huh? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Second, how I look at a situation can be completely different if I want it to be. What I usually see as a problem, could actually be an opportunity.

I struggle asking for help from others. I'm a 'do it myself' kind of person. What if instead of seeing asking for help as a bother, I actually saw it as an opportunity to share something difficult with a friend who actually has the gifts and desire to help me?

This week, can you look at a situation totally different? You might be surprised at the outcome you find.

Do you need food and nutrition help? 🥬🍊

🧐🤗 I'm opening up a limited number of coaching spots, March through May, and I'd love to have you join me! I'm going to have 1 group for women only and one group for couples!

I would 🧡 💙 💜 to have you sign up if you want to spend more time together, working through your foods, habits, thoughts and plans to help you become more intentional and free with what and why you eat every day. Please sign up to get more information.

B•TRIBAL•FIT Referral Program

Last but certainly not least! Our website now offers a referral program that's gonna knock your socks off 🧦 As a subscriber you have the opportunity to share your personal link with your people and potentially have your subscription paid for! For every gal pal that uses your personal code you get a free month of BTFIT. Now that's worth celebrating!! 🤑 👯‍♀️ Watch this video for details!

I appreciate you reading till the very end 😂 Recap: Birthday Discount, Food Coaching, Referral Program, Forward to friend! Ya with me?!

😘 For the Tribe - B