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Need a mid-summer push? This is a great time to join!

published3 months ago
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✈️ I've traveled more in the past 6 months than I did in the past 2 years combined somehow, which got me thinking ...

Do you find it hard to stay healthy when you travel? Why do you think that is? 😕 (I'd love to hear why it's true for you!!)

Can I ask a follow up question? When I travel and share it on social media, does it make you look forward to the workouts I film there more than normal?

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you want to reply!👩‍💻

Traveling and vacations are so important for family bonding and sharing experiences with friends in this big world that God has created. I mostly enjoy gaining a much needed new perspective 🌅

At the same time it can be tough mentally if you are a person like me who can overthink and even stress about not getting enough movement in most days.

Mid summer hits differently for so many women BUT...

I have two incredible opportunities prepared for you so that you can take action here at the mid point.

First - A Brand New 21 Day Shred is Coming 🥳

Starting on Monday, I've complied some of the best and most used videos from the past 3 months and I'm putting them together in a special collection on

Every subscriber will have access to our new shred program! If you need a goal to carry you through the rest of July, this is for you 👏.

Second - A Mid-Summer Challenge Group

If you want to be a part of an additional special community to see you through the next month, you should join us. ❤️

Also, if you need more individual coaching and focus at the midway point of the year, you should hop in.

We begin on Monday, July 11th and will have a place for your individual goals, group accountability and even frequent video calls with me, all together in one place.

There is a cost to join this challenge group but the push, accountability and coaching will be so worth it, I promise.

Third - New Workouts are Here 👯‍♀️

I'll be honest, the extreme weather months are some of the toughest to push through for me.

Because I love change and the outdoors, so many of my videos are filmed outside. That means, though, when it heats up in July/August or gets cold in January/February, it is a little more challenging.

Hope you know these are always such a labor of love from me to you!

Last - Refer a Friend & Get a Free Month

Have you taken advantage of the built in option under your profile to share about B•TRIBAL•FIT with your friends and family?

Subscribers have their own link/referral code where you can enjoy a free month on me when you share and someone signs up!

With the new 21 day shred about to start, now is a great time to invite someone to try out B•TRIBAL•FIT.

For the Tribe - B💙