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New Caribbean content this month! Plus your need for renewal this time of year.

published6 months ago
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The Art of Spring

Does it ever feel to you like some women "do spring" really well?

They are gardeners or minimalists or very fashionable with their spring wardrobe. They ooze hope and joy somehow. Oh, and an adorable new wreath on front door 🌸

If that is you, please go all in and share your gift with the rest of us.

Sometimes, though, Spring can feel out of control. Everything is growing again (hello allergies!) Each child has their own sport and schedule. Even though you feel that internal motivation show up, something is still missing.

I've been thinking about the word renewal a lot lately. When we embrace renewal it means we begin or take up again something that is meaningful or beneficial.

It also has a sense of restoring or replenishing something that has been lost or forgotten. It becomes new again, at least to us.

We renew our minds by listening and believing what is true.
We renew our bodies by moving again after too much time off.
We renew our spaces by getting rid of clutter.
We renew our relationships by picking up the phone or going on a walk.
We renew our habits by choosing 1-2 new things to do consistently.

I want this for me. I want this for you. I want this for the Tribe around you.

How does this take place?

The truth is renewal requires a whole lotta heart 🧡💛💚💜❤️

It is then followed by discipline and focus 😱 ... it is consistency that we need, not motivation.

So what needs renewal in your life right now? For me, it is my mornings. I am most alive and creative but I give it all away to the messes, the pets, the text replies and the busy work.

Will you reply back to me and share what in your life needs a spring renewal right now?

The April Workouts are HERE

I was blessed to get to take several trips the past 6 weeks and of course I brought my filming equipment along with me!

How could I not share with all the subscribers some of the beautiful locations and situations I found myself in 😍

If you want to join (or rejoin!) to workout with me and experience some of the wonderful women and places I've filmed, click the link ⬇️

New April Content

New April Recipes

Every month I release a new recipe pack with shopping lists, a meal plan calendar and healthy recipes.

Here are a few of the recipes for you to try this month if you'd like!

Hoping for a great spring renewal for you Reader!

Brooke 💙

P.S. If you ever want to browse the past months of B•TRIBAL•FIT emails, you can always find them here.