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This couple has made some huge changes in three months!

published4 months ago
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Why OUTCOMES fail ... and BEHAVIORS win

For the past 3 months, Finley & I have been meeting with a couple who needed to make some lifestyle changes and wanted coaching on their mental approach to food and exercise.

Let me tell you, it has been one of the most life-giving opportunities I've had in a while. 💕 We meet twice a month and have a 4-person group text that we use in between.

I have loved being a part of their story and getting to have a front row seat to watch the sustainable changes they have already made.

As they were heading out for a vacation, I listened as they expressed a desire to approach this trip differently.

We talked through how to become the type of family that enjoys a break in the routine but doesn't take a full break from some of the changes they've been building on.

Everything from their road trip snacks to the activities they chose were going to be a part of their new identity, not their old one.

I've loved getting a few texts from them this past week that said, "We are healthy people getting back in shape" and "What would a healthy person do in this situation?"

side note: if you are interested in working together as couples, to make the healthy lifestyle changes you know you need to, just reply back to this email and we can talk!

What this couple has done is pursue behaviors instead of outcomes in their effort to make good long term changes.

When people talk about their health goals, generally, they say things like:

⚖️ I want to lose 20 pounds
🧘‍♀️ I want to eat less junk food
🏃‍♀️ I want to be able to run a 10k

While "goals" are fine and good, outcome goals have a start and stop point. Meanwhile behavior goals achieve something more lasting.

They change the type of person you are and enable you to sustain a healthy lifestyle much much longer.

Behavior-based goals are centered on the ACTIONS you take, like eating enough protein every day or working out Mon/Wed/Fri.

Because you have MUCH more control over your behaviors, behavior-based goals are more effective—and more empowering!

In about 10 days, Finley and I are going to be teaching a Workshop about "How to Overhaul Your Families Food Habits" and our goal is to help you make some behavior changes that will be long lasting.

We are only going to be notifying those of you who are interested at first, so if you'd like more details, please click the link below and you'll be added to the list!

For The Tribe! - B 💙

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