Nutrition Schooling: Episode 02

Instant confession... I go to the grocery store way too often. I think part of it is that I have a house full of teenagers who do nothing but eat and then invite their friends over to eat too (it's ok, I love being the house where kids hang out). The other part is I have gotten comfortable just running to the store and then making a decision in the moment instead of ordering online and picking it up. I know that grocery store pickup is wonderful and a time saver, but I just don't have the desire or ability or willingness to change. I know that I should change, but I just can't right now. The truth is ...

Change is hard, and that's ok.

Do you ever find yourself stuck between the two extremes like the people below? It's because change is hard.

This is totally me and I'm wondering if you can identify too. There are lots of areas of my life that I would LOVE to see changes in. But ask me (or my husband 😉) if I actually want TO change, and you are going to get a quick hard no from me!

As I am learning more about how to help women make changes in their eating habits and choices, I have realized that knowledge alone or motivation alone won't make a big difference. If you want to see changes in your health in significant way, you have have three unique characteristics.

Three Characteristics Needed for Change

  • Ready describes your overall state of preparedness for change and development.
  • Willing describes how much you truly want to make a change and how receptive you are to something new
  • Able describes your capacity to execute on your desired change.

Let's talk about the food you are planning to eat the next 7 days...

When it comes to your eating habits specifically, if you need to make changes in the quality or quantity of your food intake, which of the three elements of change do you need to focus on first?

Do you need to educate yourself so that you are able to eat the kinds of foods your specific body needs? Do you need to find a new motivation so that you are willing to choose protein over sugar. Do you need to embrace planning more meals so that you are ready to have a healthy dinner option 4-5x a week?

Change is hard, and that's ok.

The reason that the last part of that line is so important is that we all feel the terrifying weight of the first part. We all want change, but don't want to change. The sooner we level with ourselves about how hard change is, the quicker we have grace on ourselves and ask for help. Women can't change alone. We need a Tribe to help us along the way.

Headed to the grocery store again,
Brooke 💙

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