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Tribe Tuesday : 6 ideas to help us grow as women, moms, and friends.

published5 months ago
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[FIRST NAME GOES HERE], you might not know this, but I honestly think about those of you subscribed to workouts and these emails A LOT!! Always hoping for the best health for all the women involved.

I wanted to share 6 ideas to help us grow as women, moms, and friends.

I'd love to know what you think and what was the most valuable, so feel free to reply back, even if it's less than 10 words!

Healthy Food

1. Energy isn't something we create. Energy can only be transferred from what we consume. So what you eat and how you use it determines how you feel 24/7/365.
2. Watching what you eat doesn't have to be about math (thank goodness🥴). But being educated about your food shouldn't stop in health class. Choose before you chew. Eat slow, savor and be thankful.
Egg & Turkey Stuff Peppers from our Monthly Meal Plan

Healthy Parenting

3. Don't consider the early years a throw away just because they are too young to remember. You are their person. Being there for them means more to them than anything else.
4. Asking your kids how they feel generates so many positive outcomes. They learn to put their emotions into words and builds trust that you truly care. You get to know your child. Verbalized feelings create strong attachments.

Healthy Mindset

5. Which day(s) of the week is your favorite? Do you know why? Is it the people or your pace? Determine your "when and why" and then express gratitude for it. I love Thursdays, personally, probably cause it feels like I've gotten over the hump.
6. What is one poor mental habit that you can easily give up that would bring a nice positive change to your life. Name that ugly self talk & throw it to the curb. Your future self already appreciates it.

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For the Tribe! - B