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We could all use some perspective & pilates, right?

published7 months ago
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Something bigger than ourselves

Sometimes I need a mental reset.

I can get lost in my small world of fitness and family and forget the bigger picture of what all I am truly blessed to be a part of.

It's so easy as women to find ourself focused on the urgent, the painful, or the next escape 🌦

But to take a step back and see that we are part of a larger community both locally and online, is so important.

The mental and emotional repair that comes from knowing that we are all contributors to the world around us and that we can both give to others and receive from them as well is so freeing.

Take a step back.

Look at the bigger picture today.

Breathe. Be Grateful. Be a Daring Woman.

Trust your Tribe πŸ‘πŸΌ



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This week I'm on a trip with my daughter and her high school friends. A lot of them helped me film an amazing Pilates workout that I've just put on YouTube for anyone to use (please πŸ‘πŸΌ & subscribe!)

These are friends she's had for the past 5-10 years and we are celebrating one last time before they all head their separate ways next year πŸ₯Ί

As we prepared for this trip I was often reminded how difficult our relationships are as women.

The internal pressures to be or look a certain way.

The small offenses that grow over time unless they are addressed.

I have also seen how wonderful deep friendships can be and how much joy they bring.

The tears and face hurt from laughing so hard 🀣

The deep talks about our hearts and dreams πŸ’«

My Hope for You this Week

Show up for someone.

Be an encourager, a truth speaker, an empathetic ear, a meal deliverer, a workout partner, a forgiveness seeker, a wise counselor, a joke teller, a gift giver.

Someone needs the perspective that you bring.

If you are subscribed and part of BTRIBALFIT, I hope you'll keep visiting the "Community" inside of our app.

It is such a great place to see and hear from other women like you!

We share our successes and struggles every single day, so hop in and join us please!




For the Tribe! - B πŸ’™